Tilemaster - Acrylic Roof Coating

Product Description

Tilemaster is the most advanced roof coating that is currently available.

Tilemaster - Permafix surface bonding systems have been developed to ensure superior long life adhesion of the finish coats to the roof surface.They include Clear Sealer to cement tiles and fibro sheeting,and Primer for metal sheeting.

Tilemaster acrylic roof coatings can be used and decorate all kind of roof materials including cement tile,sheet iron and fibro sheeting.Tilemaster is not recommended for terracotta roof tiles.

Quality 12 year guarantee if applied according to manufacture's instructions.Guarantee does not cover failure of previous surface coatings.

Size:20 Litre

Available in 25 Colours and a Clear Sealer

NB - Please read the attached application process prior to sealing and painting

CB Dune
CB Blue Ridge
CB Jasper
CB Deep Ocean
CB Pale Eucalypt
CB Ironstone
CB Wilderness
CB Bluestone
Brunswick Green
CB Caulfield Green
Mission Brown
CB Windspray
CB Headland
CB Wallaby
CB Seirra Red
CB Woodland Grey
CB Manor Red
CB Basalt
CB Monument
CB Night Sky (Black)
CB Charcoal
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